28. Oct, 2022


Acknowledging each other
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19. Oct, 2022

Lets talk food

healthy habits with food
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15. Oct, 2022

Greeting the morning

Sunshine and its values
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7. Oct, 2022

Being present

Grounding a life changing experience
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1. Oct, 2022

In honour of those that walked the journey

My perspective on the older generation
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24. Sep, 2022


Stepping out and exploring the new
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17. Sep, 2022

About creativity

We are creative beings
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11. Sep, 2022

On Giving

making a gift
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2. Sep, 2022

Capturing moments

The art of photography
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26. Aug, 2022


How to appreciate your extended family
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17. Aug, 2022


Living in the present
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14. Aug, 2022


Now what is so interesting about left overs ?
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6. Aug, 2022


What words mean in the mother tongue
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30. Jul, 2022

Everyday Adventures

Do something out of the ordinary
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19. Jul, 2022

The joy that flowers bring

What is your favourite ?
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10. Jul, 2022


the making of sweet memories
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1. Jul, 2022

Why Watercolours?

My journey with expressions in watercolour
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23. Jun, 2022

Lets talk about the weather

Save conversations
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15. Jun, 2022

In touch with Nature

appreciating the abundance and diversity around us
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8. Jun, 2022

The treasure of friendships

Friends for every season in life
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30. May, 2022

Migration and Immigration

A journey into the unknown
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24. May, 2022

Letter writing

The treasure of sending and receiving mail
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16. May, 2022

Family traditions

this was how we lived family life
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5. May, 2022

Tried and tested Recipes

Flavours of life
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27. Apr, 2022

Human Connection

This is a topic very close to my heart.
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17. Apr, 2022


Benefits of keeping a journal
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10. Apr, 2022

Appreciating Creation

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