Mandurah wetlands on a crispy day

Aloes that remind me of Africa

Tomatoes amongst the succulents

Walking along the Canning river

Perth skyline - hometown

Find the sugarbird

a joint effort Mosaic

Experiencing something new

By nature I am not the most courageous or confident. BUT confidence comes with practise and courage comes with taking the firts step.

In December 2021 I put my hesitation to rest and started to practise yoga. I am grateful that I made this decision as I was able to lower my stress levels, create "me time", develope strenght and learn to breath, just to name a few benefits. I planted sunflowers in the hope of taking photos of them for my mother. I made stars from folded paper and gave them as presents. And I baked a little. I took photos of a lot of flowers and send them to a good friend, who in turn showed these to my mother.

In January I participated in Rally's and made a sign about medical apartheid. I also re-applied for an emergency passport to be able to travel again. Then I found myself supporting my brother and sister as they were attending to my dying mom. Listening to my mothers heart at that stage was the most important. Throughout life she taught me a lot of songs and these songs and hymns ministered back to here in this time of her departure.

In February I helped to organize my mothers funeral and memorial service  using email and Whatsapp (I am so grateful for these platforms).  Many photo albums were revisited and I appreciated and absorbed all the condolences and love that was send to me. I also learned to make a mosaic. I started to join a weekly yoga in the Park opposite our house and in some way I was helping the yoga teacher for it to happen. 

In March I had to complete the mosaics ( it was my first joined project with my daughter-in- law and I loved spending time with her) We made two birdbaths.  Plus a friend of mine encouraged me to finish the watercolour art that I called " incomplete" . So I took up the challenge and even painted some more.  I also decided to order prints of my paintings in the form of greeting cards. BUT and most important one morning I decided to start this website. 

In April I started and finished my firts ever quilt . Although its a mini quilt I was pretty impressed with the end result. I also harvested my first Australian grown tomatoes . I think we had some mini tomatoes but these took more cultivation. I also cycled to Guildfold with my friend. Again I realized that there are many places I had not seen even in my home city. And I figured out how blogging works and started once I was inspired... yeh!

In May I was able to get my greeting cards to interested individuals and was offered an exihibition place for next year. As a family we decided we need to have a few days holiday so we packed our dogs, bicycles, dogs, winter clothes, fishing gear, puzzles, games and watercolours and spend days enjoying each others company in the Australian bush. Coming back we made new friends and realized we are not alone in our stand for freedom. I also decided to frame my best art work. Just in case. 

June ment chopping wood for the fire place and gardening in the form of pruning. My husband turned a full 60 so I threw him a party . He had to help as it ment to shift outdoor furniture and to prepare some heat sources like fire pits. It was a great success and I was very pleased that friends connected and had a great time. We had some rain and then the most gorgeous clear blue skies and even saw the planets alining. I was even able to facilitated a therapeutic group at my house.  

July was beautiful and full of rain. The aloes where blooming in our garden and we had regular visits by wild birds. We planted veggie in pots.Friends invited us down South and we admired dolphines and wetlands. We commemorated the one year anniversary of my dear sister- in- law's passing. We spend more time with new friends and I held another even more successful group at my house.

August was getting in touch with the earth and creation around us . After being made aware once again how important grounding is we took it literally and walked barefeet to and in our huge local Park. On top of that we leaned of energy fields and the healing and cleansing effects of Shungite and practised cleansing breathing techniques. We also hiked again and stepped into brooks while admiring the West Australian wildflowers.  

I encourage you to try new things. You probably do already. Writing about makes me realise I have accomplished something and I have grown. 


always looking in nature for inspiration