When its time to say good bye

These past years have been hard on many and we all knew loved ones that departed . Writing down the thoughts and longings for a loved one helps . Formulating thoughts help. Departing is part of the life cycle and cannot be avoided, but can be made easier through walking along those that mourn and those that are lonely. 

My mother's most loved hobby was letterwriting

Remembering loved ones is a sweet and precious time. Initially the longing can overwhelm and nearly choke one: the unfinished conversations, the questions and the regret of not seeing them one last time.

Time does heal as the sweetness of their love , the caring of their nature and the memories of time spend together feel like treasures from heaven .

It is a good practise to contemplate and halt in life and spend a little time remembering their presence in this life. They fullfilled a role in your life they were important and they helped to form the you that you are.

We are all connected and in the end it mattered how much you meant to the other. How much your really cared. Not how much you wanted to change them. When you appreciate people for being part of your very own life you will receive their time with you in gratitude.