My mother's most loved hobby was letterwriting

So in December 2021 I realized that my mothers health condition was not improving. 

Since she was nearly 10 000 km away I made sure I had great contact with people that were regularly in touch with her. Words became less and less. But I knew she was still praying for all of us when she happend to ask . 

Then came a 10 days of good byes und singing to her over the phone. 

So grateful that she saw the people she needed to see and heard the things she needed to hear before she departed from this world. 

And I am forever grateful that I was able to take part in the planning and preparation of the memorial service. 

So rich was this time sharing my mother's life with all who loved her. I will add her lifestory to my website one day. 

In short she was a refugee, a nurse, widow, a mother and grandmother, a carer, a good friend and a believer of a loving creator that guides us protects us. 

I miss her a lot but I am grateful that she is free of worry and hurt now.