What matters and a little about the author

My Motto : finding joy and happiness in the everyday life. 

If you feel you would like to share something or inspire me, feel free to do so. Use the page how to get in touch. I would love to hear and connect with you wherever you are, whatever you do and whatever you are feeling. I would be honoured if you find the time to share your life experiences or journey with me. 

Overcoming is part of my life. All of my experiences lead me to choose a unique and inspiring career : Occupational Therapy. Reaching out to others lead me to start this website aswell. 

My hometown is Perth the most isolated city. It lies big and outstretched along the Indian Ocean coastline in Western Australia. It is nestled around the Swan and Canning river. I have been living and working here for more than 16 years now . We immigrated when my courageous  and adventurous husband brought us here for a better future. Both have our roots of origin in South Africa which lies very close to my heart.

My kids are not kids anymore. They have their own family now and make their own history. They manage their own lives very well and make me proud. I hope to inspire them too.

Creating things from natural products, painting , planting,  spend time in nature rejuvenates me. I get inspired from shapes, forms, colours and light.

I like to give : cards, homemade gifts, homegrown plants and homemade baked goodies. 

I speak Deutsch. But born and bread in South Africa makes my tri-lingual. you welcome to write to me in German or Afrikaans too. 

  My website is in its early days. Visit regularly and you will find other subjects emerging that might be useful to you. Over the years I have learned to improve social connections, communication and understanding in families that have to cope with disability I also know how to influence and improve lifestyle choices. 

In my BLOG I aim to chat as friend and share everyday experiences and observations .

My hope is to open your eyes to the beautiful world that surrounds you and to share life human to human and give you hope, love, inspiration and some coping tools along the way.